Want to get rid of belly fat? Here are 13 Nigerian foods you SHOULD avoid (READ)

Want to get rid of belly fat? Here are 13 Nigerian foods you SHOULD avoid (READ)

A lot of our Nigerian meals are carbohydrate-based which in turn create fat in certain parts of our bodies that are rather difficult to eliminate.

These foods are the real reasons why many women (and men) now grow fat, have big belly, grow love handles, get  flabby “Christian mother” arms and have a huge waist line.

If you are concerned about gaining weight in these “problem areas,” then you should avoid the following foods:

1. Pounded Yam

2. Fufu

3. Garri

4. Starch

5. Rice

6. Bread (Agege & Sliced)

7. Excess Palm Oil based soup/stew

8. Biscuit

9. Soft Drinks

10. Fries

11. Alcohol

12. Flour Snacks from eateries (e.g. Meat pie)

13. Canned Foods & Bottled Drinks

Truth be told, our Nigerian foods (listed above) are extremely fatty. This is because they contain simple-to-digest, basic sugars that have little real value for your body. That is why they are referred to as simple carbohydrates.

We have been made to believe that eating fats or foods that contains fat are responsible for making us gain weight. This is not true. Carbohydrates are actually responsible for the fattening.

When you eat carbohydrates based food like rice or pounded yam, your body automatically releases a hormone called Insulin.

This insulin controls the level of sugar (which is a by-product of carbohydrate) in our body by transporting the excess sugar from the carbohydrate foods into the major organs like the muscles, liver and then store the rest of it (excess) in your body fat cells.

When it stores the excess sugar in your body fat cells, that is exactly when you start seeing the manifestation in the form of bulky thighs, big tummy,flabby arms and love handles.

The secretion of insulin in our body is a natural process which is needed to prevent your body from shutting down.

If insulin is not produced to take care of the excess sugar (as a result of the carbohydrate in the Nigerian foods we eat) in the body, this sugar (which is toxic) can damage some vital organs, clog you arteries and block capillaries.

However, you should also know that carbohydrate is very essential for energy production, long life and good health, but that only applies to “good” carbohydrate.

While bad carbohydrates foods (like the 13 foods above) are referred to as simple carbs, the good carbohydrates are referred to as complex carbohydrates.

Research shows that good carbohydrates increases energy naturally, induce fat burning and improve long-term health.

Below is a list of the 17 healthy carbohydrates you should eat instead:

1. Egg white

2. Potatoes

3. Whole grains

4. Citrus

5. Berries

6. Watermelon

7. Apples

8. Sweet potato

9. Nuts and legumes

10. Cereals

11. Dry fruits

12. Pizza

13. Banana

14. Wheat bread

15. Pasta

16. Green vegetables

17. Dairy products


Stay healthy! :D

  1. I guess you do not know about “portion control”. In order to lose weight calories burned per day should exceed caloric intake. A lot of the meals you mention do contain carbohydrate amongst other things. Yam for instance also contains some protein and fibre. Red palm oil has been found to reduce blood pressure and plaque buildup in the arteries It also inhibits the formation of cholesterol, according to a 2009 article by O.O. Oguntibeju in the “British Journal of Biomedical Science.”
    Nigerians eat a large portion of carbohydrates, I agree with that, but I would not advise them to stop eating carbohydrates from their staples, but reduce the portion sizes and probably adjust cooking methods so as not to render soups eaten with the carbs nutrition deficient. Some of the things Nigerians do to that reduces the nutritious content of their food for instance is to burn their palm oil before cooking, this turns a highly nutritious oil into a carcinogenic substance ( cancer causing), over cooking vegetables is another thing, this causes loss of vitamins.
    Some of the alternative foreign foods you suggest, such as pasta are also high in carbohydrates, they are made from the wheat, have less dietary fibre than even yam. Dry fruits have a high sugar content (drying concentrates the sugar content), portion control comes into play even with this. Pizza should not even come near the list of healthy food options, with Pizza we are talking highly processed wheat and cheese. Your advice is very flawed. In my profession as a lifestyle therapist, healthcare practitioner. Your advise is not what I would give to any of my patients.

  2. Potatoes, wheat bread and pasta will also give you belly fat…. really, belly fat will develop if one does not exercise. One can eat any of the listed foods in moderation combined with REGULAR EXERCISE and be in good shape. While food reduction is good, regular exercise is better.

  3. Egg whites are 100 percent protein

  4. Really? You should eat Pizza and Pasta instead? Just say you don’t like Nigerian food instead of acting like it’s all about health. The truth will set you free, however it won’t turn you Italian. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is wrongs. You people have me laughs.

  6. A very clever write-up by Mr. Soji Adeyele. He clearly identified what is in each meal that causes the fatness, it should however be noted here that the things that are in the food you must avoid are also in the Prescribed meals. The fundamental truth about all food is Moderation…. I am a firm believer of eating whatever you want in Moderation and that being said, there are a lot of people who can not break down the Carbs as easily as some others, to those I insist that you stick with Mr. Adeyele’s Prescription. Thanks!

  7. good advice …………..but am very sure egg whites are not carbohydrates, they are proteins and pasta is a simple carbohydrate, cereals are not good, most contain sugar. you should have oats

  8. The writer has delved into the problems, but his solutions are not realistic, mentioning foods that have less fat does not create a meal! To make a difference, you should mention alternatives. For example maybe pounded yam should be replaced with ‘amala’ etc.

  9. I don’t understand why The glycemic ratios are not mentioned here when talking about certain foods being healthy or not.
    personally I am protein intolerant. can’t stand beans with bloated tummy and feeling.
    when giving advice certain prefernces should be put into consideration.
    one means meat is another mans poison.

  10. Pizza???? Couldn’t see past that.

  11. I have always struggled with my weight trying different diets which all had varying levels of success and always involved being deprived and hungry. This way of eating for me is something that has changed the way I see food.

  12. This article is flawed.If we go by articles like this,then we may not even drink water! When it comes to eating healthy,the most important thing is to eat less and avoid processed foods.Pounded yam,fufu,garri,starch and rice are all natural carbs and eating small portions of them will not make anyone obese especially when combined with taking enough rest and exercising effectively and regularly.

  13. Patricia A. Oluku June 7, 2014, 2:16 am

    I totally agree with, Monica, portion control is the best. You shouldn’t be condemning any types of food just because, you don’t like it. Portion, portion, portion control.

  14. Opeyemi Babatola June 7, 2014, 8:45 am

    Thank you Soji for writing the piece. I think your piece will probably do more damage than what already exist out there. As others have said, moderation is important. The foods you have prescribed are in the main not the right ones. There is a difference between Carbohydrates and Proteins. There is also a difference pet seen natural foods and processed foods. You are actually better off eating Yam in moderation than in eating Pizza in moderation.

  15. Who ever put pizza on the list of healthy foods is a freeking moron and knows nothing about loosing weight or being healthy. I’ve tried almost every weight loss plan out there and pizza is not healthy by any standard. I’m sure the writer of this article is nothing more than an Americano wanna be. Abeg!


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