African Gods,Superheroes and Cultural Identity Rediscovered in “Orishas” Yoruba Gods and Goddesses

African Gods,Superheroes and Cultural Identity Rediscovered in “Orishas” Yoruba Gods and Goddesses

These series depicts 20 Gods and Goddesses from the indigenous Yorùbá religion, which finds its origins in Nigeria West Africa

Atlanta-based photographer and Noire 3000 Studios CEO, James C. Lewis show cases a stunning new photography series that brings African deities to life.

What Lewis does is to show us that this culture is still alive and wants the word modern back, so long hi-jacked by the western art world. Over 90 million people, scattered around the world, practice a religion and culture (Ifa-tradition) originated from the Yorubas in Nigeria. It is said to be one of the fastest growing religions in the world today.

Due to the slave trade, the religion has since spread to Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, the Caribbean and various other regions around the globe. Yorùbá has also influenced ways of life such as Lucumí, Umbanda and Candomblé.

Lewis‘ use of live models conceptualizes the Yorùbá African Orishas unlike we’ve ever seen them before, as they are usually represented in paint or illustration form.

While there are over 400 Orishas, Lewis chose the most well known: Agayu, Babalu Aye, Erinle, Eshu, Ibeji, Obatala, Obba, Ochumare, Ogun, Oko, Olokun, Olurun, Ori, Orunmila, Oshu, Oxosi, Oya, Ozain, Shango and Yemaja. Enjoy the vibrant full series .


African deities come to life in new photography series by James C. Lewis and Noire 3000 Studios

Orishas Ori-597x895

Yorùbá Orishas – Ori, Ruler of the head


Yorùbá Orishas – Obba, Shango’s jealous wife, divinity of marriage and domesticity, daughter of Iemanja


Yorùbá Orishas – Oshun, divinity of rivers, love, feminine beauty, fertility, and art, also one of

Shango’s lovers and beloved of Ogoun


Yorùbá Orishas – Shango, warrior deity ; divinity of thunder, fire, sky father, represents male power and sexuality


Yorùbá Orishas – Obatala, arch-divinity, father of humankind, divinity of light, spiritual purity,

and moral uprightness

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